A new track from Childish Gambino hit the web ahead of schedule entitled "IV. Sweatpants" and in it he mentions the now bankrupt luxury hybrid dealer, Fisker Karma, but maybe not in the way they would have hoped. In the second verse of the song, Gambino rhymes: "Hashtag my day wear, and your girl drink my day care. And I'm born rich, life ain't fair (silver spoon coon, ho). Ain't nobody sicker and my Fisker "vroom, vroom", ho." The beat stops and Gambino interrupts his own flow, saying in a calmer voice that, "Fiskers don't make noise when they start up, just so you know." Listen to the full track here.

We don't think it's a direct shot at the car brand, more like a funny comment on the typical braggadocio that most rappers spew that oftens makes no sense factually...but it's not exactly a glowing endorsement for the plug-in rides either. 

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