The results are in, and Chevy Camaro drivers won't like it. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, Camaros were stolen more often than any other performance ride between 2009 and 2012. Of the 3,780 thefts included in the study, 40% of them (1,509) were Camaros. The second most desirable car by jackers according to the report was the Ford Mustang, but its 980 total pales in comparison. California, Florida, Texas, Georgia and Michigan led the country in car thefts, so Camaro drivers in those states may want to consider trading them in for a Dodge Challenger (third on the list with 782 stolen).

According to Forbes, cars like the Camaro, Mustang, and Challenger are still not stolen as much as Honda Accords, Honda Civics, and Ford F-150s...if that makes you feel better. Subway trains are only jacked in the movies so we're good.

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[via Forbes]

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