Image via <a href="" target="_blank">Wikipedia Commons</a> / Photo by Michael VlasatyThe new Corvette draws massive amount of attention everywhere it goes, is incredibly capable, looks stunning, is aging better than we could have imagined, and is distinctly American and homegrown without sacrificing sophistication. The Corvette is following George Clooney's career path of simply just looking better and being more loved by all with each passing year.

When I was at the Rolls-Royce Wraith launch I was dropped off at the airport in a Phantom, and some people were assuming I was a celebrity of some sort and taking photos of me. In the Corvette nobody cared who I was, because the Stingray itself was the celebrity. The previous generations were more like Chuck Norris, cool and famous, but not necessarily someone you want to associate with too closely. The C7 is something different. It's cool and sexy and interesting. You want to have this Corvette over for dinner, and the analogy might be breaking down a bit here, but you also want to keep it in your garage so that it's always there to hang out with.