I sat around on a Friday morning, quickly stomping on the keyboard, punching out news stories for Complex Rides, knowing I had big plans for my press car for the weekend. It was a 2014 C7 Corvette Stingray, and I had scheduled some time at Putnam Park Road Course, a track and country club outside of Indianapolis, to put the car through proper conditioning and max sets. It was the ultimate play date. 

When I got the call that the car was waiting outside, I hurried to greet the driver from the fleet company and find out what color it was going to be. "Douchebag yellow!" I exclaimed gleefully. The driver didn't seem to think this was very funny, judging by the extremely dead pan delivery of his next words "velocity yellow." 

I'm not a fan of yellow cars, for the most part, they seem to often be driven by attention-starved assholes who have never heard of turn signals and are often seen whistling at girls who could be their daughters. The C7, however, was weirdly charismatic in yellow. I wouldn't personally buy it, but it really did suit this car.

We've covered the C7's design before, but it bears repeating that this is the most exciting and best-looking Corvette since the C2, and in person it looks even more striking and exotic.

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