The last time Alex Rodriguez appeared on Mike Francesa's sports talk radio show on WFAN in New York—back in July, just a few weeks before Major League Baseball handed him a 211-game suspension because of his ties to Biogenesis founder Anthony Bosch—A-Rod ducked and dodged every single question that Francesa asked him about steroids and performance-enhancing drugs. Francesa tried his best to get something, anything, out of A-Rod. But A-Rod was clearly only on to talk baseball.

However, when Rodriguez appeared on Francesa's show earlier this afternoon, just a few hours after storming out of an arbitration hearing with MLB and calling it a "farce," A-Rod took a much, much different approach. Rodriguez didn't just answer questions about steroids, PEDs, and his relationship with Anthony Bosch, he answered them head-on and categorically denied everything that MLB accused him of when they suspended him in early August. At times, his voice cracked and he sounded emotional as he spoke about the "system" that he feels is failing him right now. And he admitted that he is "so pissed off" at the way that the arbitration hearings have gone that he is refusing to take part in them moving forward. The only way he might reconsider that position is if MLB Commissioner Bud Selig agrees to testify and take part in the hearings alongside of him. And A-Rod doesn't see that happening—he talked about how he thinks Selig has made it his mission to eliminate A-Rod from the game of baseball—so he likely won't attend the rest of his own arbitration hearings.

A-Rod said a lot of other things during the course of the interview, too. So many things that we decided to gather up some of his best quotes from the conversation that he had with Mike Francesa (Francesa was great today, by the way) and pair them with some of the best A-Rod GIFs of all time. This might be the last time you hear A-Rod talk for awhile. So enjoy what he had to say while you can…

"I'm done with the arbitration process."

"This is my life. This is my legacy. I'm part of history."

"There are a lot of people who don't like me. People in the streets still tell me, 'I hate your guts, [but] you're getting railroaded.'"

"Think about what I've been through."

"Selig is trying to destroy me…and put me on his big mantle on the way out. That's a helluva trophy."

"I'm so heated up right now and so pissed off. I can't think straight."

"This is what I have my PhD in, baseball."

"We've been [at the arbitration hearings] for 12 days and we haven't heard one thing that's credible."

"I don't think I'm going back [to the arbitration hearings]. What's the point?"

"I did nothing, Mike."

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