Year(s): 1992-2000

The man was bred to be an quarterback from conception by his extremely controlling father. When he went to birthday parties as a kid he brought his own cake and ice cream to "avoid sugar and white flour." He also did push ups and lifted medicine balls before he could walk. That's a small sample of strict guidelines that would take five slides to detail.

These rules explain why he snapped in high school and started drinking and smoking pot daily. When he went to USC his drug usage only intensified. Marinovich was a "can't miss" prospect who was drafted by the Raiders and missed badly. He was doing heroin at halftime and LSD postgame. It didn't take long for him to use his way out of the league.

At 31 he became a "rookie' in the Arena League where he dominated despite severe heroin withdrawls. Before a game, where he reached double digit passing touchdowns, he laid a mud monkey in his pants during warmups. Again, since this is really just a tutorial on parenting, think about the story of Todd Marinovich and how his father's overbearing domineering pushed him to a life of drugs before you get strict with your future kid. Whether he's playing video games, sleeping too late or smoking crack, just cut him some slack lest he turn into a future drug abuser.