Year(s): 1981-1985

Former Villanova national champ Gary McClain started doing drugs in middle school. It only exacerbated in high school and then college where he was high on coke during the Wildcats charge to the eventual '85 National Championship. McClain was high during their Final Four matchup against Memphis State but at least had the good sense to avoid powder during their unlikely upset over Georgetown in the title game. That gave the squad an obligatory visit to the Reagan White House. The irony of First Lady Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No," campaign was evident to McClain, or at least it would've been if he wasn't high as a damn kite and actually knew what was going on around him. All in all, McClain and his teammates proved that winners do indeed use drugs as he confessed that coach Rollie Massimino was aware of his usage of blow and that many other players on the champs did it with silent consent from the mentor.