Year(s): 1975

Anybody familiar with Bernie Carbo cannot possibly be shocked at his inclusion on the list. After all, this is a man who was caught trading baseballs to the Red Sox faithful for "baggies of marijuana," and also claimed while playing the outfield, it looked like the stars were falling out of the sky.

The most memorable moment of an otherwise mediocre career came when Carbo took the "ugliest swing" Johnny Bench had ever seen and mashed a pinch hit three-run dinger in the 8th inning of Game Six in the 1975 Fall Classic. Carlton Fisk's dramatic walk-off that he guided around the foul pole in the same game was more memorable, but never would've happened if not for Carbo's clutch shot. So how did Carbo approach the biggest AB of his life? High as a mofo.

Thirty-five years later, Carbo admitted "I probably smoked two joints, drank about three or four beers, got to the ballpark, took some [amphetamines], took a pain pill, drank a cup of coffee, chewed some tobacco, had a cigarette, and got up to the plate and hit.''  He would've taken batting practice that day except that it was held at Tufts University and he couldn't find the place. We're guessing that was due to the same reason.