Year: The '80s

What Joey Chestnut is to hot dogs, Andre the Giant is to alcohol. Remeber that for your SAT prep. Legend has it that the 7'5" behemoth consumed enough, daily, to kill an entire frathouse. The rare time he passed out came after 119 beers which is enough to kill a frath--wait a sec--(long pause) King Kong, or some shit. Those 119 beers were downed over the course of six hours on a road trip.

His love for adult beverages wasn't reserved for either beer, or long roadtrips. For example,
Andre, allegedly, downed 16 bottles of wine before taking the squared circle at Madison Square Garden. We say "allegedly" because that's the type of thing that can't be believed unless you actually view it. After all, you can't even drink a gallon of milk in one sitting (feel free to try). More impressively nobody could even tell in his three matches that night. If 16 bottles of wine was ever not going to kill someone it'd be Andre who was every bit the giant that promoters billed him as.