According to the book, Collision Low Crossers: A Year Inside the Turbulent World of NFL Football, by Nicholas Dawidoff, Antonio Cromartie decided to get a vascetomy late in the 2011 NFL season. The catalyst for such a choice probably stems from his appearance on an episode from 2010's Hard Knocks where he struggles to give the names of every single one of his kids.

Read an excerpt from the book, which drops next week, below : 

“Walk-throughs the day before the game were uninteresting to most players, but not to Cromartie, who could never spend enough time on a football field. Cro had recently submitted to a vasectomy — ‘I got snipped,’ as he told [Dawidoff]. Eric Smith surveyed the jubilant, excised cornerback and said fondly, ‘I wish it had calmed him down!’”

It's good to see that Cromartie follows the self-created adage, "if you can't name 'em all, you gotta snip the balls."

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[via New York Post]