Have you seen Anthony Bennett play for the Cleveland Cavaliers yet? Chances are, you haven't. But trust us, you're not missing anything.

Even though the former UNLV forward went No. 1 overall in the 2013 NBA Draft, Bennett has been, in a word, horrible for the Cavs so far this season. Like, historically bad. After failing to score in his first three NBA games, he finally scored two points last night against the Timberwolves. But those two points came on free throws. He has gone 0-for-15 shooting this season, and he just hasn't looked very good out on the court.

It appears as though it's starting to get to him, too. Although he preached patience after the Cavs' first three games this season, it sounds like the frustration he's feeling right now finally got the best of him last night. He abruptly announced that he's taking a break from social media and will no longer be active on Twitter:

And can you blame him? A quick "Anthony Bennett" search on Twitter reveals nothing but people making fun of him and questioning why he can't score. So it's probably better for him to stay off the social media site for now. We just hope that Bennett finds a way to turn the start of his rookie season around quickly. Because this wasn't what anyone expected when he went No. 1 back in June.

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[via Eye on Basketball]