Last week, during his highly-publicized interview with WFAN's Mike Francesa, Alex Rodriguez and one of his many lawyers (he has a lot of them!) revealed that they have a mountain of evidence that proves that Major League Baseball and, more specifically, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig are out to get A-Rod right now. Rodriguez claimed that Selig has made it his personal mission to drag him down before he retires from the game of baseball. And today, he submitted one piece of evidence that he says proves without a shadow of a doubt that Selig hates him. Are you ready for it?

No, really, are you ready?

You sure?

You can't un-see this.

Don't say we didn't warn you!

Make sure your kids aren't looking!

Okay, here we go…


Here we GOOO...

Wait. NOT THE KID WITH THE A*ROID SHIRT AGAIN! Didn't we already see this? Sigh. If this is all you're bringing to the table, A-Rod, you're in trouble. Also: You're paying way too much for your lawyers. What else ya got?!

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[via SB Nation]