It's time for yet another go-round on the NCAA Basketball carousel. A sport that's uniqueness stems from the fact that the best players hardly ever stay for over a year (oh, and of course that tournament at the end). There's so much turnover in college basketball that you'd be forgiven to not be able to name enough players to fill two hands. In the spirit of college we thought we'd catch you up on a cliffnotes version of the most exciting players to watch for this upcoming seaon.

Whilst many "fans" will wait several months to start giving a crap about these amateurs, you can get a head start on filling out your hypothetical brackets. It's a little early, with conference play well over a month away, but all that studying will pay-off big time when you win your $75 office pool. So whether you're a diehard pulling for your alma mater, or a downtrodden NBA fan looking forward to the lottery; here are 20 Players to Watch For in the 2013-14 NCAA Basketball Season.