Maaaaaan, how can you not like Yasiel Puig? The Dodgers rookie plays the game with a mix of arrogance and swag that is rarely seen in MLB ballplayers these days. Too many guys play it safe, but not Puig.

During tonight's Game 3 NLCS match-up against the Cardinals, Puig hit the ball to the opposite field and thought he got enough of it to go over the fence, so he started celebrating by tossing the bat and raising his arms in the air.

Unfortunately, though, the ball didn't clear the wall but thanks to his incredible speed, Puig was able to get from first base to third in 6.97 seconds, according to Larry Granillo. That's 180 feet, or 50 yards in 6.97 seconds! Maybe there's a football contract in his future, too?

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[via Larry Brown Sports; CBS Sports]