What stans think: Skip Bayless said he'd rather have Tim Tebow in the fourth quarter than Aaron Rodgers.
What haters think: That he's terrible.
What realists think: That he's terrible.

There's a reason even the Jaguars haven't picked him up in a season where they know they're destined for 0-16. He couldn't even start over Mark Sanchez, or Greg McElroy. Those are some serious drawbacks to a guy who should be entering the prime of his career in the next season or two.

We understand why ESPN did what they did, but they sacrificed their sporting integrity for cheap ratings from people who don't have the time to research the game 24/7. Tim Tebow, the human, seems like a great guy who your mother would point to and say *your mom's voice* "Why can't you be more like that Timmy Tebow?" But Tim Tebow, the NFLer, was an awful thrower who benefited from a once outstanding defense in the Mile High City.

That playoff win over the Steelers was memorable, but it was a fluke in a year they won the AFC West at 8-8 and lucked into a few close victories (Jets, Chargers, Bears) that were abysmal representations of NFL football.