What stans think: The PGA is all about Tiger Woods and it's only a matter of time before he catches Jack Nicklaus.
What haters think: That his wife almost killed him with a golf club. And that the failure to win more majors means you suck.
What realists think: It's unclear. Maybe something did happen to Tiger when it was revealed that he'd rather pee on a pornstar's face than spend a night out with his wife.

There's never much debate in the mind of a stan. Either you accept their conclusion or you better be prepped for an all-CAPS assault and some way-overboard comments about what a "MORAN" you are. Tiger Woods had an opportunity to be the PGA's Babe Ruth. And instead, he opted to plow every "10" who walked into his eyesight.

We can't say that wasn't the right choice, but, it's changed him from a "not if but when" record breaker to a living "Can he snap the slump?" storyline. The bottom line is that Woods is still a really solid golfer, he just fails to win majors. You know who also fails to win majors consistently? Pretty much everybody else in the history of the tour. Not being dominant doesn't mean he suddenly blows, it just means that the PGA will forever have two Tiger eras. The Pre-Pornstar Banging Era. And the Post-Pornstar Banging Era.