What stans think: That he's God's gift to basketball.
What saters think: That all his basketball accomplishments are irrelevant because he's balding and he'll never be MJ.
What realists think: That he's without a doubt the best player in the game right now, but his legacy is yet to be determined.

LeBron's well-rounded game is unmatched in the NBA today. Where that puts him in history is reserved for ESPN to kill time on a slow news day, or people whose asses can talk on Internet message boards. Again, he's still in his twenties. The best time to judge a career is after it's complete, not before it's reached the halfway point.

Bottom line: When LeBron's on the court, you notice. Stans think he's going to need three hands for all the rings he'll have someday. Realists wonder why he couldn't do it in Cleveland. And haters are obsessed about the positioning of his headband. It's up to you to look in the mirror, decide what you are, and then lie and say you're a realist.