What stans think: The greatest, most athletic football (don't you dare call it "soccer") player in the world, Oh, and his body is comparable to Arnold's.
What haters think: That he's a flopper with a bloated salary who is the preeminent prima donna in the sport.
What realists think: Somewhere in-between (though he's nowhere close to Arnold unless you do a misleading article that only shows Schwarzenegger in the offseason).

Every sport has a player who fans scream is the "greatest in the world." Any dissenting opinion is rebuffed in waves by those with too much time on their hands (a.k.a. stans). Like we said, it's somewhere in-between. Ronaldo is becoming such a dominant footballer that he's becoming mainstream, even in America, an achievement few (e.g. Pele, David Beckham) have accomplished. On the other hand, "I hate Ronaldo" was the number one "Manchester related search" on Google in 2007. If you hate a guy so much that you're Googling to find others who are like-minded then you're pretty much a hater by definition.