Everybody knows Vespa. Vespa is what most people think of when they hear "scooter" or "moped." But the company goes much deeper than that; 66 years deep, in fact. In order to continue its stylishly iconic image and brand, it took a step back to look at what started it all. The newly launched 946 is a direct call back to this: 

That's the Piaggio MP6 Prototype, the original model that began the tradition back in 1946. This past weekend, the brand launched a new flagship scooter called the 946 (yep, it's that direct) that you can see in the lead image. Although the new wasp is so obviously more advanced, the general shape, swoops, curves and lines have all remained from the original prototype.

The wheel well with the vents, the shield-like front panel, the multi-stage platform, it's all essentially the same. The light on the front wheel well looks like it was literally taken from the prototype and just placed up to with the handlebars. The fact that all of these features still look great and not outdated today really goes to show how timeless the original design was, despite being built more than 60 years ago. 

And while the shape has remained similar, the overall structure and tech of the Vespa has done nothing but improve. The frame is steel-plate monocoque with aluminum. The engine is a 150cc 3V. It has ABS braking and ASR traction control. The scooter even has an LED headlight and an LCD instrument panel! Add that to our favorite new design element (that curvacious seat) and the fact that this work of craftsmanship is all hand-built, and you have a brand new Vespa that will undoubtedly be welcomed with open arms. Check out the the gallery we uploaded and watch out for us riding around NYC on one of these in a three-piece suit some time in the next two weeks.