The first BCS standings of the 2013 college football season were unveiled last night. And—no surprise here!—there are a ton of college football fans out there who are outraged by them. Here is who is ranked in the top ten of the BCS:

1. Alabama

2. Florida State

3. Oregon

4. Ohio State

5. Missouri

6. Stanford

7. Miami

8. Baylor

9. Clemson

10. Texas Tech

Specifically, a lot of fans seem to be upset about Florida State being ranked ahead of Oregon, despite the fact that the Ducks have been ranked ahead of the Seminoles all season long in the polls. There are some fans that are also upset that Ohio State didn't receive more consideration for the No. 1 or No. 2 slots in the BCS. And everyone else just seems to be upset about the BCS still existing in the first place. Peep some of the responses we found on Twitter to the first BCS standings of the season:

Wow. You guys do realize that there is a lot of season left, right? Just hang in there. We won't have to deal with this BCS mess for much longer.

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[via ESPN]

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