Nobody, except for those diehard Patriots fans, thought New England was going to pull off the improbable comeback over the New Orleans Saints tonight. And rightfully so. With a four-point deficit, no timeouts, only 68 seconds remaining, 70 yards away from the endzone, and some wide receivers with occasional brick hands, practically everything seemed stacked against the Pats succeeding. But, Tom Brady and his wideouts pulled off the near impossible and took the lead on a 17-yard touchdown catch by Kenbrell Thompkins, leaving only five seconds left on the clock. 
We take a look at the change of emotion that some people on Twitter went through prior to the game-winning score and after. From those folks that called the Saints a 6-0 team before the final whistle sounded to those individuals who went from comdemning the Pats' receivers to loving them all over again, here is Twitter Changes Its Tone About the New England Patriots After Their Improbable Comeback Over the Saints.