When it comes to the world of sports errors aren't just made on the field, as you'll see, sometimes they're committed in the booth. When the game is going 1,000 miles per hour and you're on live (with the whole world expecting you to say something) then you're bound to have some slips. Believe us, it's far worse to do it in print when you've had time to think things through.

Still, when done on air, it's often followed by a long pause of awkward silence, that has to feel like an eternity, as the blushing announcer waits for his partner to improvise. At that point the recourse is still up in the air. In extreme cases the slip may lead to a firing. It's a long, anxious wait for a nervous play-caller but one thing's for sure, somebody rewound that on DVR to post onto the Internet.

This list is a compilation of those eternalized mistakes. These videotaped gaffes are what both down-time, and the seven second delay was made for. Call them Freudian slips, or the misunderstandings of tone def old timers, and if you're 13 (like us) call them "fails." These are the Most Accidentally Sexual Sports Broadcaster Calls, on video.

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