Location: Baltimore, Md.

Bengie's is for sure the magnum opus of drive-ins even among this all-star list. It's the cat's meow in every aspect of the drive-in game; design, programming and ambiance. This nearly half century old gem was designed by Jack K. Vogel and is regarded as the Frank Lloyd Wright of drive-in theaters. Bengie's always plays triple features on weekend nights complete with original vintage trailers and the classic "Let's all go to the lobby" type clips, plus dusk-til-dawn features on Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends. But wait, it keeps getting better! Bengie's boasts the largest screen on the East Coast at a whopping 52 x 120, so no cropping of the film image AND not only does it have your usual popcorn and candy; the concession dishes out fresh-baked cookies, shrimp rolls, and honey-stung fried chicken! Oh man, who's down for a road trip?