Auction: Bonhams’s 20th-Anniversary “Festival of Speed,” Goodwood, England 2013

F1 legend Juan Manuel Fangio won the World Championship of Drivers five times (which was the record for 46 years until  Michael Schumacher broke it). He's largely considered one of the greates F1 drivers ever. And this was one of the cars that he drove when he raced for Daimler Benz AG in '55 and '56. 

The car was Benz return to racing and brough some extremely high technology to the racing scene including fuel-injection in an F1 car for the first time. In 18 months, the car won two world titles, winning nine of its 12 races. 

Only 14 of these cars were built and 10 exist today. Six of those vehicles are in Mercedes-Benz possession and three are in museums.