You know when you're playing Madden, NCAA or any sports game and you just want to swipe your friend's seat from under him because he's beating you badly and he's just running up the score? Enter Syracuse head coach Scott Shafer, who probably felt just as disrespected when Dabo Swinney let Clemson go for it on fourth and goal despite being up 35-7.

The situation set up for Syracuse's best moment of the game, where it stopped Clemson's conversion attempt. The icing was the cake was Shafer's outburst toward Swinney. There's a limited number of things that could've been said judging from this GIF and none of them involves terms of endearment...unless he's saying "Love you, Dabo! You motherfucker!" That would be impressive if he respected Swinney's style that much to praise him despite the throttling. Ninety percent chance that isn't the case.

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[via Deadspin]