Today is Wednesday, October 9th. Hump day. It also happens to be John Lennon's birthday. And while thousands will be remembering him for his musical gifts that he gave to the world, we have his crazy-insane-hippie-possibly hipster-psychedelic Rolls-Royce Phantom V on our mind.

The complex color scheme of reds, yellows, and blues teamed with a roof that was embellished with Zodiac signs made for one of the most flamboyant exteriors ever on a Rolls-Royce. In addition its wil exterior, this 19-foot-long, 3-ton-heavy ride had luxurious guts to match. The interior includes a seat that can be converted into a double bed, an epic sound system with a "loud hailer," a Sony TV, a telephone, and a refrigerator. In the 70's, Lennon lent the car to other music stars such as the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and the Moody Blues.

So, in honor of John Lennon, we encourage take part in some extracurriculars, play some good-old-classic Beatles songs, and enjoy these pictures of his Phantom V Rolls Royce. 

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