Applies to: Philadephia 76ers

When a columnist thinks he's going out on a limb to put your team in the double digit win column, that's not a good sign.

Prior to this upcoming season, Grantland wrote an article about "32 Bold Predictions" for this approaching campaign. No. 26 said: The Sixers Will Win More Than Nine Games. And then the sentence abruptly ended. It wasn't "Win More Than Nine Games (In December)," just nine games, period. With Nerlens Noel possibly sitting the whole season, it's going to make it that much more of a struggle to make it to that elusive second digit. What does this mean? There's a one-in-four chance that Andrew Wiggins will be a 76er next year. When they have a marketing campaign built around a long wait, then they're probably also looking towards the 2015 Draft.