Applies to: Utah Jazz, Sacramento Kings, New Orleans Pelicans, Phoenix Suns.

If they're probably too young don't take a chance. It's a good rule of thumb for anyone who turned 18 and now has newfound responsibilites. And, for any of our gambling readers who feel like taking a longshot at a potential champion.

No sports fan ever wants to hear the dreaded 'R' word but honestly, if you're team's not headed for a playoff berth, then this is what you should want them to do. The worst position to be in is buying tickets for a party that's not developing young talent or putting guys out there who can win a Larry O'Brien (see: Lakers). So whenever you see Gordon Hayward miss a big shot, or Isaiah Thomas make a stupid turnover it'll make it easier* since you'll know they're developing. And, by the time you're saving for your kids' college fund, the team'll be ready to secure a 5-seed.