Applies to: Los Angeles Lakers

All that experience doesn't matter if your body will only allow you onto the court for 25 minutes a night. Barring a time machine that can revert talent back to 2004, this team is screwed.

The most compelling (and absurd) storyline of last year's regular season concerned whether a team with: Steve Nash, Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant, could even cling to an eight-seed (they shocked their critics and got a 7, before getting easily swept). A regular season reality that, literally, one or two people saw coming.

This season depends largely on the ability of their 35-year-old cornerstone to heal his tender achilles. There's no reason to believe that will happen anytime soon. That's not what you want to hear if you live in L.A. and have been pretending to like the Lakers for the past two decades. Their plight may once again make up the NBA's greatest regular season drama, especially since it'll be interesting to see who bears the brunt of the collective frustration now that D12 is in Houston.