Sorry, guys. But unfortunately, Phil Jackson is not a big Kendrick Lamar fan.

Back in August when Jackson responded to Kendrick Lamar name-dropping him on his "Control" verse more quickly than most rappers did, we thought, "Wow, that's interesting! Jax fux with Kendrick!" But as it turns out, Jackson hadn't even heard of Kendrick Lamar until that day. As he explains in a new interview with Campus Insider's Seth Davis, he found out about Kendrick name-dropping him on "Control" on Twitter when a bunch of people filled his mentions with comments about the verse. So Jackson—who was kicking back in Montana at the time—looked into it, heard his name mentioned on the song, and responded to it accordingly:

It doesn't take away from the fact that Jackson tweeted at Kendrick, which is still awesome in and of itself. But for the last two months, we've been under the impression that Jackson was chilling at his crib in Montana bumping good Kid, m.A.A.d. city over and over and over again. And now, we know that it was Twitter and not Jackson's secret love for rap music that caused that tweet. Oh well. It was still pretty cool, right?

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[via Smoking Section]