Exactly 802,769 Toyota vehicles are being recalled because of an issue the company has discovered with their airbags. The vehicles to be recalled include 2012-13 Toyota Camrys, Camry Hybrids, Avalons, Avalon Hybrids, and Venzas. In a "Defect Information Report" to Nancy Lummen Lewis of NHTSA, the company wrote the following:

Condensed water can accumulate at the bottom of the air conditioning condenser unit housing in the subject vehicles if the condenser drain hose becomes clogged. Due to the location of the housing seam, which is directly above the airbag control module, the accumulated water could leak through the seam onto the module. If the circuit board inside the module becomes wet, a short circuit could occur between adjacent terminals of specific circuits, resulting in illumination of the airbag warning light. In some instances, the air bag(s) could become disabled or could inadvertently deploy.

Toyota has similar problems earlier this year with their 2003-04 Corolla, Corolla Matrix, and Vibe models and had to recall 725,000 vehicles. To find out if your vehicle is one of 803,000, wait for Toyota to contact you or contact them by checking the NHTSA database for your make-model and follow the "remedy" instructions provided.

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[via NYTimes]

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