At this point, it's hard to know what's real and what's not when it comes to Lamar Odom news. Every other day, we hear that he's either struggling with a crippling drug addiction or well on his way back to the NBA, depending on who you ask. So it would be nice if someone out there could get Odom to sit down and set the record straight. And now, it appears as if that someone might be stepping forward.

According to TMZ, Oprah Winfrey is reportedly interested in speaking with Odom sometime in the near future for an interview that would air on OWN. Nothing is set in stone just yet. But sources told TMZ that Odom is open to the idea of sitting down with Oprah, so it sounds like this could actually happen. We wouldn't mind seeing it happen, either. It's clear that Odom is going through something right now, and he needs to talk to someone about it. So why not Oprah?

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[via TMZ]