Yo, what part of the game is this?!

Recently, a man who works in Manhattan found himself faced with an interesting problem. Almost every time he went out to his car, the hood was covered in crap. And by "crap," we mean, well, crap. So he hooked up a dash cam inside his car, pressed "record," and sat back and waited to see who the culprit was. He thought that it might be a homeless person or possibly someone who had some sort of vendetta against him. But it was neither of those. So who was dumping poop on his car?

As it turns out, he's still not really sure. It's the guy that you see in the video above, who is clearly dumping dog doo-doo on the man's ride at night. But why? The guy wrote an email to Jalopnik recently and explained that he has no clue. He doesn't recognize the man. So for the time being, the only thing he can do is hope to come across the guy out on the street one day.

Does anyone know the guy in the video? If so, tell your man to chill out. Because dumping dog crap onto another man's car is definitely not okay.

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[via Jalopnik]