Some people might think it's silly when they meet somebody who has lived in New York City his or her entire life and has never had the joy and pleasure of driving a car. To that we say, "there's no such thing as pleasure and joy when you're driving in New York City." Solely looking at Manhattan, there are 1.5 million that live in NYC proper. During the day, when everybody comes in to work and visit, that number about doubles, blowing the amount of people on the island to around 3 million. 

Most of those 3 million are not driving cars, but it sure as hell feels like it, if you're in one. There is really never a good time to drive in the city, and if you happen to catch a good spot of traffic, you're sure to run into another jam within a few minutes. To anybody who has ever thought about buying a car here, we would like to shout, "STOP." Let us make our case with these 9 Reasons It's Stupid To Own a Car in New York City