On this day in 1991 Roy Tarpley was banned by the NBA for substance abuse. The would-be star lost three years of his promising career because of drugs. With rumors running rampant about Lamar Odom and his career subsequently being near its end, we revisit guys that were suspended for drug use.

Whether it be for amphetamines like Stanley Roberts or for cocaine like Lewis Lloyd, most of the players on this list had potential. Instead, they let outside factors get in the way of millions of dollars and NBA stardom. Would Chris Washburn have lived up to the hype of his NC State days if it weren't for his cocaine addiction? Could Michael Ray Richardson have reached Bernard King status in the Big Apple if the city's party lifestyle didn't get the best of him? From John Drew to Chris "Birdman" Andersen, here is a History of NBA Players That Were Banned Due to Drug Abuse.

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