Being on "America's Team" ain't easy. Much like the Yankees of the MLB, Dallas Cowboys fans in the '90s were accustomed to winning it all and winning it often. Being the QB on a team playing in the shadow of the '90s 'Boys, who won in 1992, 1993 and 1995, isn't easy. 

Almost immediately, Romo haters will point to his 1-3 postseason record, but let's get one thing straight: the botched field against the Seahawks in the 2007 NFL Playoffs was not really Tony's fault. Had coach Bill Parcells made the decision to throw Romo out there and he followed the Big Tuna's orders, even if he didn't think he was the right guy for the job. 

Then, what about Romo's stats, season to season? Believe it or not, Romo holds the franchise's top four spots in passing yards in a single season, the top two spots in touchdowns in a season, and his QB rating has been above 94.9 five times. Turnover prone? Romo's career-high of 19 turnovers ranks seventh in the organization behind the likes of Vinny Testaverde and Quincy Carter. And speaking of those two guys, would you really take either one of those players over the undrafted Romo out of little 'ol Eastern Illnois at this point? Yeah, we didn't think so.