Date of homecoming: 4/20/2005
New team: Manchester United
Former team: Everton
What transpired: Bitter about Rooney's transfer to Manchester in 2005, Everton fans got their revenge with a 1-0 victory over Man U.

After making his senior team debut with the Everton Blues at just the age of 17, Rooney transferred to the bigger, more prestigious Red Devils side in 2004, after rejecting a three-year deal from Everton and leaving his former fan base feeling betrayed. When he returned to Everton in April of the following year, Blues faithful wanted blood. So how sweet must this victory over Man U have been for them?

Reduced to nine men by the end of the game, Man U was still able to threaten Everton for much of the game but, in the end, the scrappier, more motivated Blues came out on top. Though Rooney and Man U have undoubtedly held the edge over Everton since, nothing can diminish how good that first victory must've felt for them.