Date of homecoming: 4/21/2013
New team: Chelsea
Former team: Liverpool
What transpired: Rafa became Chelsea's interim manager in the middle of the 2012/13 season, putting him back in the EPL for the first time since he was fired as Liverpool's manager.
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Liverpool fans have a very lovely-dovey relationship with Rafa. Already a nostalgic set of fans because of their dominance of European soccer from the 1960s-early 1990s, Rafa was the man who restored that past glory. He's the man who was at the helm for their Champions League comeback at Istanbul—he guided Liverpool to their highest EPL points total ever in 2008-09. For that, they forget how cold he was as a manager, how rigid he was with his tactics, and how he drove himself and the team down the drain during the last stages of the damaging ownership of Tom Hicks and George Gillett.

When Rafa returned to Anfield as Chelsea's manager last April, there was an outpouring of love from Liverpool supporters. There were fans who wished he had never been sacked, and fans who were angry that he was passed over for the Liverpool job in the summer of 2012 when it became vacant once again, but above all, everyone at Anfield that day was just happy to see Rafa back on the sidelines. It didn't matter that he had taken a job with rivals Chelsea—it was just on an interim basis, and he had already ranted about how much he hated the way Chelsea fans were treating him. In the eyes of the Reds, he was still their Rafa.

Ultimately, the return was overshadowed by Luis Suarez's bite on Branislav Ivanovic during the 2-2 draw. It was a spoiled homecoming for all parties, but a memorable one nonetheless.