So how about these MLB Playoffs, huh? If it feels a little different this year, part of the reason may be because of the Yankees' absence. This also means we won't hear about Alex Rodriguez and the Biogenesis case for a while, right? Nope.

No, Rodriguez didn't do anything in this instance, but his name is why we got a chance to hear two grown men yell at each other. The two belligerents are radio host Mike Francesa and Daily News investigator Michael O'Keeffe.

The reason why these two respected reporters are upset at each other is mostly over integrity, which is a very important thing to at least look like they have in their line of work. Francesa is accusing O'Keeffe and the Daily News of slanting their coverage against Rodriguez,  while O'Keeffe accuses the radio host of being overly pro-Rodriguez.  The latter of which is particularly entertaining because Francesa completely denies having personal contact (personal being the key word since Rodriguez was on the show) with A-Rod or any sort of "a big bro hug," as O'Keefe calls it.

Of course, nothing is really solved despite the furrowed eyebrows and raised voices. O'Keeffe also calls Francesa a sycophant—which essentially means an "ass-kisser" and is still a pretty weak diss by Francesa standards. The Mets know. 

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[via YES Network]