If you blinked early this afternoon, you may have missed Michael Vick on the field against the New York Giants. That's because, in the first quarter, Vick headed towards the Giants' sideline when he re-aggrevated the hamstring injury that sidelined him the last two games. To make matters worse, the 33-year-old quarterback admitted after the game, "I felt the same feeling that I had the first time (he hurt the hamstring on Oct. 6). I don't think it's as bad, but it did pop again. ... I've never had a hamstring injury this bad." It makes you wonder, did Vick push himself and come back too soon?

"Once Nick got hurt last week, I just made up my mind that I was going to try to get out there," Vick said. "I was going to try to rehab as hard as I could all week and try to put myself in a position where I could get back behind the center and help our team win. 

I really can't say if I should have or shouldn't have played," Vick said. "I felt good going in. I felt like I did everything that I was supposed to do to reassure myself that I could go out and play.

There's just nothing like actually being in the moment and having to move and having to react. I tested it plenty of times, but there's no simulation for guys coming at you, going to hit you."

For a mobile quarterback who plays under the Chip Kelly offense, a hamstring injury is obviously a major blow for Vick. Will MV play another snap this season? Will reinjuring his hamstring jeopardize Vick's chances of resigning with the Eagles this upcoming offseason? After such a strong start, the Eagles' season has turned into quite a disaster.   

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