Horace Grant was an important member of the supporting cast of Michael Jordan's 1990-93 Bulls, when Jordan got his first repeat. Grant retired from the NBA in 2004, so he's seen a little bit of the newer generation's stars. So we guess he had a little bit of credibility when he threw a little shade at today's generation's stars using Jordan's name.

While he was in Rio with the Bulls for an exhibition game, Grant said Jordan defintely would've flourished even more if he played in today's NBA. “No, you can’t compare (eras). The rules have changed so much from our days and the Heat’s days. It was more physical back then. Today you can run around without getting touched. Today, Michael Jordan would average about 45 points.” 

Yep, 45 points. That's about eight points more than his averaged in his peak season in 1986-87. Scoring more is defintely a possibility, but Jordan is known for loving to win more. Jordan didn't reach that height when he won his six championships. Bulls just had a 40-42 record when they lost in the first round of the playoffs during his top scoring year. He could but that doesn't mean he would.

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]