It only took one game in the Big Apple for Metta World Peace to check "take the train to the game" off his to-do list. Tonight, the New York Knicks play their home opener against the Milwaukee Bucks and MWP decided to hop on the good 'ol MTA to get to Madison Square Garden.


His journey started out at his old stomping grounds of Queensbridge, waiting for the F train. "I took the train just like every other hard working New Yorker." MWP also added, "It's easier...Bloomberg has too many rules on the street." 

As MWP waited for the train to arrive at 34th Street, the crowds grew. Obviously. As Newsday's Jim Baumbach points out, Metta "remembered most of the stops." 



Eventually, World Peace reached his stop. 


And, of course, little 'ol Ron Ron can't walk through 34th Street without receiving a little attention. 


Mission accomplished. 

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[via Jim Baumbach; @ellCRSE]