It must be OK to be Mark Sanchez these days. Yeah, you have a busted shoulder and there's the possibility a rookie quarterback may take your starting job for good. But the bright side is you don't have to endure constant ethering because of your poor play (can't throw picks with a busted shoulder) and you're rich because you have an overpaying contract.

You also have a lot of spare time, and athletes love using their spare time to make videos (see: LeBron James). Sanchez is no different. The injured quarterback decided to make a video with #StarbucksDrakeHands using Hulk gloves. Still doesn't beat Larry King's video.

If you aren't aware, #StarbucksDrakeHands started when a Starbucks barista decided to send a girl a video selfie after getting her number. Sending an emoji is a bit much, but going overboard like this is ridiculous.

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[via Mark Sanchez]