Sick and tired of using a car, train, or bus to commute? Then San Francisco resident Judah Schiller might have just the thing for you.

Earlier this week, he became the first person ever to bike—yes, bike—across the Hudson River. He did it using the innovative "water bike" that he created by fusing a bicycle and a raft together. By pedaling the bike, Schiller is able to power a propeller that pushes his contraption forward in the water. And it's surprisingly pretty fast. He made it from Hoboken to Manhattan in just 15 minutes.

"This is water biking," said Schiller, who is the CEO of a design company called AIKO. "The planet is two-thirds covered with water, so this is a great opportunity to combine the two."

Schiller is hoping that his invention will catch on and inspire others to "water bike." In addition to biking across the Hudson River this week, he also rode from Oakland to San Francisco via the San Francisco Bay recently. Would you use this mode of transportation to get to work?

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[via New York Daily News]

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