To call Luis Suarez an enigma would be just scratching the surface of who he is, what he does, and what he represents. The man embodies brilliance and buffonery at the same time. He'll dazzle you with his performances on the pitch, then leave you SMHing all the way home. The Luis Suarez Story is made up of two parts, and neither is complete without the other. The man bites other players, gets into racism rows with opponents, and has seen more ill-willed ink spilled about him than most athletes in the world. Yet when he's playing for Liverpool FC—just playing, and not pulling some other shit—he can produce some of the most magical soccer you'll ever see. It's a simple question with a convoluted answer, but it must be asked: Luis Suarez: Badass or Jackass? 

Written by Justin Block (@JBlock49)

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