Could we see Lennox Lewis back in the ring after 10 years away from the sport? Yes, but the money's gotta be right. Lewis is willing to take on one of the Klitschko brothers, however, the 48-year-old is demanding $100 million. Over the weekend, the younger Klitschko brother defeated Alexander Povetkin and during that time, Lennox was offered $50 million to make his return and he rejected it.

"I said at the time that it will take [$50 million] to get me out of my pyjamas but now I have to consider the value of my legacy of having retired as an undisputed champion. That will cost them," Lewis told the Daily Mail. "That is my price tag and it is under discussion. I have told them I can be ready in six months and I am in provisional training."

Guess the ball is in the camp of the Klitschko brothers, specifically Wladimir. "I beat Vitali so I would like to fight the other brother but we'll see how it works out," Lewis said. Yeah, only one problem, Wladimir may be a little busy.  

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[via Boxing Scene]