Lane Kiffin isn't doing so hot right now. It's not because he got fired as USC head coach after getting shellacked by Arizona State; it's the way he got ousted. The man basically got fired during the game, but got informed by the university's officials in the LAX parking lot.  Cue the saddest ride home ever.

Kiffin came on ESPN College Gameday and he once again reminded us that it sucks to be him right now. He said in his first public comments after the firing that it's been a "very hard two weeks." Kiffin had called being USC head coach his dream job.

"It was very difficult. I have great passion for USC, for those players, for those coaches, and it was a difficult situation because you put so much into those kids, and to have that taken away, it was very hard," he said.

And the fans weren't sympathetic at all. In the above shot you can see one holding a sign that says, "Remember when LANE KIFFIN had a JOB," adding salt to the wound with those all caps.

Another fan holds up a sign saying, "KIFFIN, ESPN ISN'T HIRING," below. No burn units were on sight.

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[via For The Win]