Late last week, Kobe sent Lakers fans into a panic when he abruptly left the U.S. and made a trip to Germany to have a procedure done to one of his knees. The trip was, by all accounts, sort of spontaneous, so a lot of Lakers fans were worried that it could be serious. But last night, Kobe posted the photos that you see above to Instagram along with a brief caption that should help all of the Lakers fans out there calm the eff down.

"In case u were wondering," he wrote. "#germany #fyi."

This doesn't mean that Lakers fans shouldn't worry at all. Kobe is missing most of training camp right now because he's in Germany, and he's going to miss most, if not all, of the NBA preseason. But if this is what it takes for him to get back onto the court sometime soon, then so be it. This doesn't look like very much fun, though, does it?

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[via For The Win]

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