Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson have been through a lot together: five championships, the failed Dream Team of 2004, the rape case, Metta World Peace. We haven't really seen the two interact that much outside of the student-teacher/coach-player relationship though, which is why it's interesting to see the two quietly have breakfast in El Segundo. Their meet-up is not as suprising as El Segundo actually existing (well, for this author at least).

Anyway, the breakfast date wouldn't be as interesting if a book called Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success didn't exist. In the book, Jackson reveals his opinion of Bryant soured because of the sexual accusation case and says Michael Jordan was a better leader and defender than Bryant (a comment he responded to on Twitter). But it doesn't look like there's that much tension between the two judging from these TMZ photos. Either Jackson kept quiet about that missing sixth championship or that was some damn good breakfast.

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[via TMZ

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