Early last week, Kevin Durant came out and said that he thought James Harden deserved to be ranked ahead of Dwyane Wade on Sports Illustrated's list of the top players in the NBA right now. And that didn't sit well with D-Wade, who took to his Instagram to fire a pretty direct shot at Durant. It also didn't sit well with many NBA fans, who took to their Twitter accounts to take aim at KD for his comments about Wade. But according to Durant, he wasn't trying to disrespect Wade with his comments; he was simply giving his opinion on where Wade stands in the NBA today.

"To be honest, I forgot all about it, I forgot that I said that until I checked on Twitter," Durant said on NBC Sports Radio's The Chris Mannix Show yesterday. "A lot of Heat fans tweeted me and said not-so-nice things, which was expected. But I wasn't trying to disrespect D-Wade in any type of way or discredit anything he's done. He's a champion, their team is a champion. I can't say anything about their team. I can't. They beat us in the Finals and they won back-to-back. I can't say anything about their team. Basically what I was saying was that D-Wade passed the torch onto guys like James Harden, just to name one. I think that was just my opinion. I respect D-Wade, and I'm sure everybody's saying that he's going to use that as motivation, but he's always been a motivated player, and it's not going to change what I bring to the table. And I'm gonna stand by everything I say. No matter if I'm winning or losing, I'm going to say the same thing."

So there you have it. Durant doesn't want to disrespect Wade in any way…but he still thinks Harden is better than him at this stage in his career. He's probably right. But something tells us Wade is going to put up an extra 2,000 shots after hearing Durant's latest comments.

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